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AJA Gear Greases the Wheels at Janta TV

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AJA Gear Greases the Wheels at Janta TV
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AJA Gear Greases the Wheels at Janta TV
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New Delhi-based 24/7 news channel Janta TV keeps Hindu-speaking audiences apprised of the latest current events via a satellite feed on networks likes Tatasky, Hathway and DEN. The channel has also recently up leveled its social streaming strategy, growing its subscriber base across YouTube and Facebook Live to a collective 100K subscribers (and counting). To help keep pace with the demands of its growing audience, Janta TV recently moved into a new, larger studio. Simultaneously it overhauled its technology infrastructure, selecting a host of gear from AJA, including KUMO routers, Ki Pro recording/playback devices, streaming tools, FS frame syncs, openGear converter cards and Mini-Converters. 

Janta chose to use AJA gear after carefully evaluating its options because of the solid performance and high-quality output it showed during tests. “Making AJA gear the backbone of our news channel has been one of our best decisions yet. It’s been so stable, easy to use and saves us a lot of time, especially because with LAN interfaces on most products, and built in webservers, you can easily configure and control your devices through a web browser on any platform from just about anywhere,” shared Deepak Sengupta, Group Technical Head, Janta TV. 

Both the satellite and social feeds are powered by a three-camera studio setup including chroma screens and a Real Set Recording Studio with fixed backgrounds. Camera signals are first fed through an AJA KUMO 3232 router in an on-site production control room (PCR). KUMO is connected to a four-port ingest system and an AJA Ki Pro Rack recording/ playback device for PCR program monitor (PGM) ingest, as well as a video switcher using six AJA OG-3G-AMA openGear 3G-SDI analog audio embedders/disembbeders with DashBoard support. The OG-3G-AMAs then pass the signals through AJA OG-3GDA openGear 3G-SDI reclocking distribution amplifiers and the outputs are run though a master control room (MCR) switcher, with AJA KONA I/O cards involved in two MCR playouts and the PCR PGM connected via a WASP 3D graphics solution. 

The WASP outputs are then run through OG-3GDAs, and the signals are sent through an AJA FS frame synchronizer and encoder for the satellite feed and through the AJA HELO real time streaming device for the Facebook Live stream. Guest interviews are also integrated into each broadcast using a combination of Skype, an AJA U-TAP SDI USB 3.0-powered ingest device and an AJA ROI Mini-Converter for generating a stable signal and frame rate from the Skype interface. All footage is recorded and cut in Apple Final Cut Pro X and then stored and archived. Janta balances the workload between a technical and IT team five people strong and 10 cameramen, with up to 35 people contributing to editorial and 15 working on graphics.

“Not only is AJA’s gear fantastic out of the gate but also AJA’s warranty program is amazing. Setup and operation were simple from KUMO 3232 and its companion KUMO Control Panel through to the openGear cards, U-TAPs, HELO, Ki Pro Rack, FS devices and Mini-Converters. We look forward to enjoying many years of use with our new gear,” concluded Deepak Sengupta.