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The University of Toronto implements Kramer solutions to continue interactive learning

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The University of Toronto implements Kramer solutions to continue interactive learning
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The University of Toronto implements Kramer solutions to continue interactive learning
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Customer Profile

Established in 1928 , the University of Toronto opened the first library school in Ontario. It then went on to be called the The Faculty of Information, and is considered to be among the world’s leading information and knowledge management schools. It is a Tier One Member of iSchool, an international association of universities that lead and promote programs for the information field worldwide The Faculty is adept at educating both professional practitioners and researchers, and offers exceptional programs year-round in various disciplines.

Customer Challenges

The global pandemic has forced educators across the world to adapt their teaching styles. This challenge has produced a multitude of innovative learning models. The University of Toronto has curated a unique solution to continue interactive learning in their Technology Enhanced Active Learning Design Studio.

Professor Olivier St-Cyr spearheaded the design of an incredible interactive learning system for the university’s Master of Information students. This system was originally designed to enable students in the classroom to work on hands-on projects while being able to project wirelessly on the TVs using the Kramer VIA technology. Hundreds of thousands of dollars later, COVID-19 left the room dormant.

Determined to turn this state-of-the-art system virtual, Professor St-Cyr chose PTZOptics. The university used a PTZOptics USB camera to not only educate students virtually with Zoom, but to continue using many assets of the classroom for its designed purpose. 

Kramer’s Solution

The Kramer presentation solution included the VIA Connect PRO and VIA Connect PLUS.

This system was originally intended to allow students and the professor to digitally collaborate and present within the classroom. The system has been adjusted to meet the needs of virtual learning, allowing the professor to project different students' work on the multiple monitors in the classroom. This allows students to continue contributing to the fipped classroom model the professor wanted, collaborating and problem solving during class time.

Our Partner's solution

Professor St-Cyr uses the PTZOptics USB camera on a tripod to switch between a view of himself and his whiteboard, to a series of monitors around the room. He uses the camera presets and pan settings to switch from position to position. He can control these features all within Zoom over UVC.

Results - Broadcasting In Education

Simple USB Solution: The PTZOptics 12X USB camera offers the university a simple plug-and- play solution to control their camera in Zoom, to pan around the room to different boards, and to communicate with students and faculty in high-defnition video.

Virtual Communication: The university communicates with students via Zoom to share assignments, to collaborate in breakout rooms, and to share lectures.

 Virtual Presentation: The Kramer VIA Connect Pro units are used to wirelessly project from laptops running Zoom onto the TVs around the room, so the professor can assign students to breakout rooms, and be able to see the students work for each breakout room.