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Northwest ISD Council Chamber Upgrade

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Northwest ISD Council Chamber Upgrade
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When you have two, old, rear projection screens facing the audience, it is time for an upgrade.  This was the scenario Northwest Independent Schools District in North Texas found itself in. The school district needed a major overhaul in their Council Chamber’s presentation displays.  While modern devices and new furniture upgraded the room, the projection screens gave the appearance of a much older space. The space within the building held an important function as it was not only used for general board meetings but also as a gathering place for teachers and students to work on special projects. When the school district made their decision to upgrade room, they contacted Jason Burrows of Superior Fiber & Cable to complete the modernization of the room.  In June 0f 2018, plans were made for the upgrade of all the technological equipment for the room, including the LEDS.

Jason Burrows of Superior Fiber and Cable commented "When the district approached us, we knew direct view LED videowalls would be the answer, but there were two dilemmas.  Budget and construction requirements."   For school boards across the nation, this is a very real dilemma since education dollars are hard to come by. Fortunately for Burrows, he knew what product to use. "Absen’s "Acclaim" Series was designed for affordability in education and that made it the perfect choice by meeting both the price point and performance and brightness levels the space demanded."

With one challenge overcome, the second structural challenge awaited. The Acclaim series required wall mounts and the former rear projection screens had left behind gaping holes in the wall. A year after the initial plans were made, Jason and his team were finally able to commence the rebuild. The team used 50 Acclaim 1.2 panels for this project.  They installed 2 5 x 5 ft panels made of die cast aluminum that each weighed 13 lbs. on the walls where the former projection screens were previously, and the room transformation was on. The new panels have a pixel pitch of 1.27mm, a brightness of 600 nits and a refresh rate of 3480 Hz. All of these features along with easy maintenance  allowed the Absen Acclaim 1.2  to help modernize the room that its users would love.  Burrows added "Absen promptly provided much needed engineering drawings, mounting diagrams and electrical configuration and placement drawings on this project.  The project was a total success and we were able to meet our customers’ needs and timeline with ease".   The project was finished in July of 2019 and the school board had their first meeting with the new panels in August 2020.