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Mandel Foundation creates state-of-the-art learning spaces across its vast campus by partnering with Kramer

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Mandel Foundation creates state-of-the-art learning spaces across its vast campus by partnering with Kramer
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The Mandel Foundation, established in 1991 and located in Jerusalem, Israel, is dedicated to cultivating leaders in the education, public, and non-profit sectors. It also runs programs to promote humanities and support neighbourhood and community development.


When building its vast new campus, the Mandel Foundation was looking for a supplier to partner with in creating an exceptional multimedia experience with the ability to combine image and sound from anywhere to anywhere, easily. 

With high technological demands and a large scope, the foundation wanted its supplier to help in the project’s planning, design, and execution.

Classrooms, meeting rooms and the large auditorium needed to be equipped with AV solutions that would foster advanced learning spaces that are easy on the ears and eyes and comfortable for everyone to use.

The Solution

Even before the ground was broken for the new campus began, Kramer’s experts worked closely with the Mandel Foundation’s IT team in planning a comprehensive audio-visual solution. During construction, almost 10 km of the pipeline was laid over the course of a year, in coordination with the contractor, to accommodate the required AV infrastructure.

Oricon Ltd., a local integrator, had four crews on the ground working around the clock, installing the requisite equipment for an end-to-end AVoIP solution.

Because it took almost three years from the planning stage until the new campus was ready for fit-out, the AV plan was updated ahead of installation to suit new needs. The classroom projectors and screens originally planned for the project were updated to 98-inch screens for better quality images and a better user experience that is also more suitable for Zoom meetings and remote video conferencing.

The auditorium was equipped with an accessible podium that allowed the use of any computer and easy connection for any guest. Equipment installed in the auditorium included touchscreens for managing the room, a speaker system, advanced projectors and displays, environmental cameras and UC cameras, a high-quality digital sound processor, and a wide range of microphones.

Digital signage screens, powered by Kramer’s content management solution, were also integrated into public spaces of the building, providing Keren Mandel with simple, smooth and effective management of dynamic content for guests and employees, such as room schedules, welcome messages and updates.

The entire project was pulled together by the Kramer Control system, which allows for centralized management of the rooms, including real-time alerts and the ability to initiate system upgrades or provide an immediate response to possible malfunctions.


All learning and meeting spaces on the Mandel Foundation campus are now equipped with Kramer technology. The rooms all look and work the same, providing a unified end-user experience campus-wide. This ensures staff, visitors and students alike enjoy an exceptional audio-visual experience from any location, whether remote or in-person.

Cutting-edge, AV-enhanced classrooms facilitate exceptional learning and communication, while the auditorium ensures state-of-the-art visuals and acoustics and ease of use.

Simultaneous translation stations have also been added, which allow the audio signal to be received from all the rooms. Simultaneous translation can be done for guests and participants through translation-sharing systems and Wi-Fi headsets.

Working as a team, with its integrator and Kramer, the Mandel Foundation succeeded in this large-scale installation. The result is a state-of-the-art campus recognized for using the pinnacle of technology, from scheduling screens outside each room to the full scope of technologies within.

“In my opinion, without a real partner, we could not have succeeded in such a large and complex endeavor,” said Moshe Drori, CIO, Mandel Foundation, in summing up the project. “In their partnership, Kramer gave us a sense of security, a feeling that we always had someone ready and able to help, every step of the way.”