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EVC-1122-VI impresses as part of extensive audio installation at Thai university

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EVC-1122-VI impresses as part of extensive audio installation at Thai university
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EVC-1122-VI impresses as part of extensive audio installation at Thai university

Integrated pro audio solutions from Electro-Voice, Dynacord and Bosch are providing an optimal combination of sonic performance, architecture-friendly aesthetics and ease of use in various newly constructed educational spaces at Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University (PSRU) in northern Thailand. Drawing from each brand’s extensive product portfolio, installer PC O.A. Technology Co., Ltd. worked with Bosch project expert Mr. Malai Tassanai to specify systems for multiple classrooms, a conference room and a pair of small theatre spaces. Software-driven system designs, after-sales service and training all added value to the project.

Compact, high-performance systems were required to deliver an immersive, high-fidelity audio experience in each of the university’s two 30-seat theatres, which are used for movie screenings, presentations, lectures, live music and more. The main loudspeaker in each space is an EVC-1122-VI Variable Intensity loudspeaker from Electro-Voice. This 12” two-way design incorporates a unique compound waveguide that combines long-throw and short-throw behavior to provide uniform pattern control and smooth frequency response across a rectangular audience area. A pair of EVC-1082/96 8” two-way models provide additional coverage from either side of the main VI enclosure. Six EVID-S8.2 distributed around each room enhance the surround-sound effect; a pair of ELX200-12S subwoofers reinforce the low frequencies. Each system is powered and processed by four Dynacord L1300FD 2x 650 W amplifiers with FIR-Drive. As with all the rooms in the project, SONICUE sound system software from Dynacord was utilized to optimize the performance of the EV loudspeakers (via presets), fine-tune overall system performance and address any acoustical challenges.

Three large classrooms – ranging in capacity from 500-800 seated students – and two 80-person function rooms feature equipment including more EVC-1122-VI loudspeakers, DC-One processing and ND76 wired vocal microphones; Dynacord CMS series mixers and C1800FDi 2x 950 W amplifiers; and Bosch LBC series ceiling speakers. 16 smaller classrooms (with seats for around 20 students) feature Bosch Plena mixer amplifiers with Bosch LA1 surface-mount column speakers and LBC ceiling speakers, with wall-mounted controls for easy volume adjustment. 112 Bosch LC1 ceiling speakers are used to cover the public areas outside of the classrooms.

A 20-seat meeting room features a Bosch DCN digital conference system, offering intuitive operation with high quality audio and data transmission. An EVOLVE 50 column loudspeaker system is on hand for portable sound reinforcement as needed, offering quick setup and room-filling coverage in a very compact footprint.