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Fugro Searchers
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Fugro Searchers

The 65 m long MV Fugro Searcher is a new, well-equipped geophysical research vessel that provides an acoustically quiet and stable platform for operations in the North Sea and the high seas. Maintained by the oil, gas and cable industry, the vessel is equipped with a range of depth sounders, sonar systems and seabed measurement instruments.

The sensitive measuring and recording equipment is located in air-conditioned and secured technical rooms, deep in the hull of the vessel and thus far away from the operating personnel who are located on the bridge or in the instrument room.

The request

Blair McGunnigle, technical coordinator for Fugro, explains the facility: "A large number of specialised research instruments, computers and data storage devices must be housed separately to reduce cable runs in the workplace and data loss, as well as to maximise noise separation. We had to connect various devices to screens, keyboards, mice and other peripherals so that the crew can control everything from their respective locations on the ship."

The solution

"To achieve this, we chose IHSE's DVXi KVM extenders, supplied by UK distributor Scene Double. The extenders can transmit computer and video signals over the ship's Cat 7 cable network equipment. The decision was made based on the performance of the devices and the reputation that IHSE products have for reliability and resilience."

The use

Ray Gordon, founder and CEO of Scene Double, comments: "Applications of this type need to be plug-and-play and run continuously. Ships conducting long surveys at sea cannot carry extra spare equipment. Therefore, any equipment selected must be able to withstand the harshest weather conditions and operate continuously. This is exactly the kind of performance we aim to ensure with the IHSE products."