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International Congress of Airbus’ Suppliers with Analog Way’s Ascender 48
Posted on Thursday, January 14, 2016
International Congress of Airbus’ Suppliers with Analog Way’s Ascender 48
LCD Vision is an audiovisual service provider that includes various trades: consulting, fixed installations, international and national events. LCD Vision works with many high-end clients, notably the aircraft manufacturer Airbus that entrusted the company with the organization of several of its national and international events. Recently, LCD Vision organized the International Congress of Airbus’ Suppliers in Alabama, United States.
The congress took place at the Arthur Outlaw Convention Center and welcomed more than 300 guests. For video live production, LCD Vision opted for Analog Way’s Ascender 48, a powerful multi-screen seamless switcher with soft-edge blending capabilities.

Laurent Puget, founder of LCD Vision explains this choice: “We used to set up our events utilizing several Analog Way devices simultaneously: Di-VentiX II, Pulse and Orchestra; but control room started to become too complex, especially in terms of cabling. Thanks to the Ascender 48 we were able to easily achieve a demanding setup. In addition, the great variety of input plugs gives it a significant advantage compared to its competitors as it enables us to respond to any needs, especially when there are last minute changes.”

For this event, LCD Vision employed a soft-edge blending projection on a 12x3.4m wall fed by two projectors on trusses. The dynamic display featured four layers and one animated background for videos, PowerPoint presentations and camera feeds. The four outputs of the Ascender 48 were also used: two for the soft-edge blending projection, one for the three monitors on stage and another one for the digital record.

Puget goes on to discuss the utilization of the Ascender 48 during the congress: “We setup and configured the device through the Web RCS and created approximately 12 master presets. For the live control, we used the AW ToolBox app on our iPad for the first time. I had some apprehensions in using an app to control everything, but during the exploitation it proved to be very reassuring and easy to use. For instance, the ability to name master presets drastically simplified the live control.”
Date: Jan 14, 2016