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Atdec Introduces Stunning New Mounting Design
Posted on Monday, October 25, 2010
Atdec Introduces Stunning New Mounting Design


LevitateTM Is The Ultimate Mounting Solution
For Desktop Monitors


Cologne, Germany — Atdec has announced the unveiling of Levitate, a radically innovative mounting solution for flat-screen displays that allows even large sized desktop monitors to be tilted, positioned and re-positioned in seconds, without cumbersome user actions.  The new Levitate mount is a dramatic step forward in both functionality and aesthetic design, combining unsurpassed convenience and versatility with a breathtaking appearance that enhances virtually any workplace environment.  Levitate will launch at the bi-annual ORGATEC trade exhibition this week in Cologne, Germany (Stand A033, Hall 6).
Jerome Green, CEO of Atdec, said, “We set out to make a statement with Levitate, and we're thrilled with what we accomplished. We took risks never contemplated before in ergonomic work tool design and the result is a feat of engineering. No other mount offers Levitate’s ease of use and versatility, even with larger, heavier computer monitor displays, and from a design standpoint the remarkable visual appeal speaks for itself.  Simply put, there's nothing else like it on the market today."
Atdec’s Levitate ergonomic monitor arm is an exciting departure from the drab designs of conventional articulating/spring assisted monitor mounts, and sports a futuristic look that sets any work environment apart from the crowd.  Generous and clever cable management hides unsightly wires internally, and the polished aluminum/stainless steel-finished cosmetics will appear in multiple color variations for different decors and architectural spaces.  Levitate is perfect for graphic design stations, touch screens, collaborative workspaces, or any other application where a monitor needs to be easily and quickly positioned for comfort of use, or shared and re-positioned for multiple users, while keeping the workspace neat and attractive.
The beauty of Levitate is only surpassed by its truly radical functionality. The inbuilt Levitate Dynamic Lift Assistance (DLA) consists of adjustable springs in both the upper and lower arms, designed to allow the arms to be raised and lowered and rotated 360°, independently. This allows users to position monitors with unparalleled ease in an infinite range of positions, and to accommodate almost any workstation environment no matter how tight or restricted.
Levitate comes standard with both a bolt through and desk clamp mounting option. The bolt through mounting option will support up to 13kg (28.6lbs) and the desk clamp option will support monitors up to 9kg (19.8lbs). For those customers who prefer a desk clamp option and need to mount heavier than 9kg (19.8lbs) displays, a heavyweight desk clamp accessory will be available to support displays up to 13kg or 28.6lbs.
An optional 180 degree rotation limit protects walls and partitions from unwanted contact, while stainless steel stabilizer bars provide strength whilst adding to Levitate’s signature appearance.  Thanks to a quick-release mechanism and a unique top-loading desk clamp, installation is exceptionally quick and can be done without having to get underneath the desk.
The unique features don’t end there. To assist in large projects of multiple installations, Levitate has a visual gauge that can be set according to the screen weight, allowing installers to standardize the spring adjustments and ensure a uniform and quick process.
The Levitate mount is also exceptionally "green" in materials and packaging, and represents an environmentally friendly choice in which all parts are recyclable and it can be easily disassembled into individual material components.  No hazardous or VOC emitting materials are used and raw metal finishes are maximized. 
Atdec’s Levitate will be available February 2011 at an MSRP of $299. The additional desk clamp heavyweight accessory will be available at an MSRP of $59. For additional info on Levitate please go to: