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Atdec Announces Warranty Enhancement Program
Posted on Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seattle, Washington — Atdec, the visual display mounting company known for their stylish products and innovative designs, is pleased to announce a new warranty enhancement program that will ensure their products’ superior flexibility and functionality is matched by a rock solid protection plan. With the exception of monitor mounts that utilise a gas strut, the new warranty program doubles existing five year warranties for all Telehook, Visidec and Spacedec mounts to a lengthy ten years. 

 “We’re very excited to announce our new warranty enhancement program,” said Jerome Green, CEO of Atdec. “At Atdec, we’re constantly working with our customer base to make sure that they have the highest level of satisfaction with our products. We believe that the new warranty enhancement will allow our customers to feel completely confident and protected with their purchases.”
 Mounts included in the program are:
 Telehook: Wall, Ceiling and Projector Mounts
 Visidec: Single, Multi-Screen and Laptop/Screen Combo Desk Mounts
 Spacedec: POS and Pole Mounts.
 The new warranty program is effective as of March 1st and coverage is backdated for all customers who have purchased a mount since January 1, 2011