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Posted on Thursday, April 23, 2009

Melville, NY – April 23, 2009: Chyron Corporation (NASDAQ:CHYR) today announced a technology partnership with the Danish company Asseto as part of Chyron’s Partner Program to provide targeted media creation system solutions and the best hands-on experience for users.

Chyron’s Partner Program is designed to leverage its systems solutions and web services model by seeking partnerships with organizations offering complementary products and areas of service. 

Chyron’s VP Online, John Remmler said, “The goal of our Partner Program is to identify true, joint value propositions enabling Chyron and each partner to combine their products and services to offer something new to current and prospective customers.”
With the proliferation of new media outlets and the multitude of file formats required to feed them, media companies are faced with the technical and operational challenges of providing the right tools to meet their clients’ needs. Chyron and Asseto’s partnership agreement will integrate Asseto web-based (SaaS) file conversion and distribution services with Chyron’s AXIS graphics web services. While each service can exist standalone, the partnership marries graphics creation, library and order management workflow tools with best-of-breed web-based file conversion.

“Bringing Asseto and Chyron together in this way allows us to provide clients with a more complete process where the tools they need are integrated to provide a complete workflow experience. Providing these services on the web – on demand – greatly reduces operational costs and enhances the true collaborative experience. Chyron chooses its partners carefully to provide excellent ROI and Asseto’s services fit this goal perfectly” added Remmler.

Asseto CEO Birger Hauge said, “By integrating our conversion services with Chyron’s SaaS structure, we can provide our clients with tools and workflows that would otherwise be unattainable. This is truly a mutually beneficial partnership that brings additional value to our companies and, more importantly, to our clients.”