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Draper, Inc.

Draper, Inc., manufactures front and rear projection screens, lifts for projectors and flat panel displays, AV mounts and structures, and motorized and manual window shades for any need.

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Draper Announces Screen Tensioning Improvements

Posted on Thursday, November 3, 2011
Draper Announces Screen Tensioning Improvements<br><br>


Draper Announces Screen Tensioning Improvements


(Spiceland, Ind.)– Draper, Inc., has announced a significant improvement in the company’s tab tensioned motorized projection screens. 


Every Draper tab tensioned screen surface (including the tabs) is now CNC cut as a single piece, and the tabs are then folded and RF welded. The result is a much stronger tab with no possibility of separation. 


“Making a tab tensioned surface in this manner eliminates the puckering that has characterized the edges of tab tensioned screens made by Draper and other manufacturers for years,” according to Draper, Inc. President John Pidgeon in a letter announcing the improvement to Draper dealers. “Prior to making this decision, we cycled a tab tensioned screen made in this manner over 30,000 times with no tab failure.” 


With the change comes an upgraded warranty. Draper now warrants all its tab tensioned screens against tab separation for five years from date of manufacture. 


For more information, and photos comparing the tensioning systems, visit the Draper company blog here.

Draper Europe AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Draper Inc., is located in Halmstad, Sweden, and is one of Europe’s leading projection screen manufacturers.



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