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Bosch's Communications Systems Division Announces IRIS-Net V2.1.1
Posted on Thursday, August 13, 2009
Bosch's Communications Systems Division Announces IRIS-Net V2.1.1


Bosch's Communications Systems Division Announces IRIS-Net V2.1.1
Bosch's Communications Systems Division is pleased to announce the release of IRIS-Net V2.1.1 software. IRIS-Net V2.1.1 continues to expand the rich feature set already available to users by offering new features developed for both live audio and installation markets alike.
Additions such as two-, three-, four-, and five-way FIR-Drive DSP blocks for NetMax make it easier than ever to take full advantage of the superior performance that EV’s FIR-Drive processing and hardware technology offer, while the newly added Scene Manager provides a new level of customization for control and recall of DSP parameters within NetMax. Additional User Controls and DSP Object Template Dialogs bring a new dimension to what is already one of the industry’s most customizable and flexible GUI applications for setting up and controlling audio systems. Additionally, IRIS-Net V2.1.1 now provides up to 64 Control Layers to allow users to create even deeper and richer interfaces than ever before.
What’s New in IRIS-Net V2.1?
Hardware updates
  • Improved communication to RCM-810-equipped amplifiers (Electro-Voice CPS Series amplifiers (CPS2.4, CPS2.6, CPS2.9, CPS2.12, CPS4.5, CPS4.10, and CPS8.5) when connected directly to N8000 hardware.
  • The Electro-Voice REV (UHF wireless microphone system) now also can be connected to the PC using an Electro-Voice N8000 System Controller as the interface
Software Updates
  • Electro-Voice N8000 Improvements and Additions:
    • DSP block-specific presets (Scenes) are now available in addition to existing global presets. Individual parameters of the DSP structure can be included or excluded from storage or recall.
    • Multi-way FIR Controllers are now available – two-, three-, four-, and five-way, both mono and stereo options are available.
    • Low-latency CobraNet options, including 2.26 mS and 1.13 mS options.
    • N8000 Superblock library can now be viewed and edited via the new Matrix -> Superblocks IRIS-Net menu.
  • New User Controls Added
  • New IIR and FIR Loudspeaker settings libraries and menu structure for all DSP devices
  • Additional DSP Templates are now available for Groups and Pushbuttons Properties Menus
IRIS-Net V2.1 includes these changes and numerous other improvements and enhancements. Please see the Read Me file for a complete list and details. IRIS-Net V2.1 can be downloaded from Registration is required to download the software.
Minimum System Requirements
Processor: Intel Pentium III 1 GHz or equivalent (better is recommended)*
OS: Windows 2000, XP or Vista (32 Bit versions only, Vista users: see installation note)
RAM: 512 MB (more is recommended)
Hard Disk: 300 MB of free space
Video: 1024x768, High Color (16 Bit)
Network: Ethernet port and/or 1 USB port per 100 amplifiers
*Intel-based Apple computers are only supported when running the specified Windows OS natively under Boot Camp. Virtualization, such as that offered by VMware or Parallels, is not officially supported.