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Epson Boosts Projector Installation Toolset with New PixAlign Camera
Posted on Wednesday, April 6, 2022
Epson Boosts Projector Installation Toolset with New PixAlign Camera

PixAlign ELPEC01 Camera Enables Advanced Projection Installations to Automate Blending, Stacking, Tiling, and More

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif. – April 6, 2022 – Projection technology provides maximum versatility that allows artists, designers and integrators to break free from the set boundaries of today's typical displays. Stunning, super-wide imagery, massive architectural illumination and fully immersive environments are becoming increasingly popular. As projection continues to grow as a powerful medium for sophisticated installations, Epson today announced the new PixAlign™ ELPEC01 camera that adds another layer of convenience and simplified installation for its line-up of interchangeable lens projectors.

The new camera helps streamline setup for advanced projection applications and attaches directly to the projector or ultra short-throw lens – no tools or adjustments to the angle of view needed. PixAlign joins Epson's impressive selection of projector installation tools, such as Epson Projector Professional Tool (EPPT) and built-in NFC function, to make time-consuming installations and complex applications quicker and easier to deliver.

Blockhouse Studios, who specializes in large-scale architectural projection and original videography, leverages Epson's innovative projector tools to execute stunning digital art experiences. "The ability to control multiple projectors simultaneously is an essential feature for us and Epson's Pro Series projectors and installation tools have been crucial in making setup much more efficient," said Kevin Winkler, owner, Blockhouse Studios. "With the PixAlign cameras and the EPPT software, Epson has made tiling, blending and stacking projectors an easier and faster process we can depend on."

The PixAlign ELPEC01 camera is a seamless solution providing fast access to powerful projection tools for both single- and multi-projector setups. Simply attach the camera to the front of select Epson interchangeable lens projectors or Epson ultra short-throw lenses without the need for any angle adjustments. The camera enables tools for screen matching and color calibration, stacking assist function, tiling assist for edge blending, and remote support.

PixAlign helps speed up projector setups by providing fast access to powerful tools, including:

  • Stacking Assist Function: Stacking assist function allows for fast, simple stacking of two or more Epson Pro Series projectors to create an even brighter picture without the need for manual finetuning. Plus, select Pro Series projectors can perform stacking assist without additional equipment, removing the need for a PC or router.
  • Tiling Assist: Capable of tiling up to 15 projectors – and up to a 300-inch screen per projector – tiling assist provides automatic edge blending via the EPPT application and PixAlign to display a single, large or super-wide image from multiple projectors.
  • Screen Matching and Color Calibration: To quickly deliver a seamless, precise picture, color calibration automatically adjusts color to produce vibrant, crisp images.  Screen matching automatically adjusts color inconsistencies across multiple networked projectors for high impact multi-display presentations or stunning edge-blended super-wide screen displays. Both features can also be set on a schedule to meet unique installation needs.  
  • Remote Support: PixAlign enables convenient remote monitoring by providing real-time camera captures of the projected display for fast, easy troubleshooting.

"Epson's suite of installation tools for Pro Series projectors makes getting advanced projection installations up and running easier than ever before," said Ramzi Shakra, product manager, large venue projectors, Epson America, Inc. "We're excited to see how users will use the PixAlign camera to push the limits of Epson projectors and make their artistic visions come to life."

Epson's advanced installation tools can be used across Pro Series laser projectors with the PixAlign ELPEC01 attached or those with built-in cameras, including the Pro L1000 Series, Pro L30000UNL and select discontinued Pro L models. Users can download the latest projector firmware here to access the full suite of Epson Pro Series features.


The PixAlign ELPEC01 external camera is available now through authorized resellers. To learn more about EPPT and download the software, visit Epson's website. For additional information about Epson's Pro Series projectors, visit To view more information on the full list of advanced installation tools for Epson Pro Series projectors,