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Create a Virtual, Cross-Point Matrix on any Network with Gefen’s New DVI KVM over IP with Local Output
Posted on Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Gefen’s new DVIKVM over IP with local output helps improve computer systems by increasing workstation access from anywhere on the LAN and streamlining equipment.  This sender/receiver system, when combined with aGigabit Ethernet switch, enables computer data access using a keyboard,video monitor and mouse (KVM).  
The sender unit delivers high resolution video in the DVI format with four USB peripherals, analog stereo audio and RS-232 control signals through the switch to the receiver unit, which connects to the KVM workstation.  Each sender and receiver unit can be connected to the LAN by one CAT-5 cable in distances up to 100 meters for added convenience.

The DVI KVM over IP can be implemented with multiple sender and receiver units on the same LAN.  When each sender and receiver is configured to a unique IP address, up to 256sender and 256 receiver units can be routed through the same LAN,creating a scalable, virtual cross-point matrix with no additional wiring.Sender and receiver units are also interchangeable with Gefen’s HDMI andVGA KVM over IP models.  DVI, KVM and HDMI workstations can all be configured into the same virtual matrix system. Video resolutions are supported up to 1920x1200 at 60 frames per second regardless of the video format.
The DVI KVM over IP uses a method of visually loss less compression, and boasts latency of less than two frames. A web server interface is included for easy configuration and setup. Each receiver comes equipped with an integrated 3-port Ethernets witch for connecting additional computers at the remote location. One DVI output on the sender unit is provided for local video monitoring.