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Amp Up with 4k!
Posted on Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Amp Up with 4k!
We are proud to introduce the Digitalinx DL-DA series of amplifiers that support multichannel audio and video up to 4k resolution. 

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado—April 29, 2014—Liberty AV Solutions announced the upcoming release of the next generation of DigitaLinx HDMI distribution amplifiers, DL-DA series. Initial offerings include a 1x2 distribution amplifier (DL-DA12), a 1x4 distribution amplifier (DL-DA14), and a 1x8 distribution amplifier (DL-DA18). 

The DL-DA products feature a built-in EDID of 1080p/60 with stereo audio. The DL-DA14 and DL-DA18 feature an EDID switch to select the built-in EDID or a custom EDID based on the connected displays to provide the best image and sound quality. The entire DL-DA line supports 3D and 4K video resolutions as well as multichannel audio formats.

The DL-DA series HDMI distribution amplifiers will be available June 2014.