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Avid Chooses Matrox M264 Codec Cards for High-Quality, Multi-Channel XAVC Support with Next-Generation Video Servers
Posted on Friday, September 13, 2019
Avid Chooses Matrox M264 Codec Cards for High-Quality, Multi-Channel XAVC Support with Next-Generation Video Servers

Matrox® Video is pleased to announce that Avid®’s FastServe | Ingest™ video server now supports Matrox M264 S2 H.264 codec cards for multi-channel XAVC, live production workflows. This technology collaboration allows the powerful, next-generation FastServe | Ingest video servers to encode up to eight high-quality XAVC streams simultaneously from in-studio cameras, satellite feeds, and other input sources. FastServe | Ingest will demonstrate the benefits of multi-channel HD and 1080pXAVC workflows at IBC 2019, on Avid stand 7.B55.

Expanding XAVC potential

Designed to help live news, sports news, entertainment, and multi-camera productions overcome the challenges of baseband ingest, Avid FastServe | Ingest video servers integrated with Matrox M264 S2 codec cards can now deliver leading-edge, XAVC-based solutions. Capable of encoding/decoding up to two 4Kp60 (XAVC 4K Intra Class 300/480 and XAVC 4K Long), 20 HD (XAVC Class 100 or XAVC Long 25/50), or 32 HD streams—in real-time with zero CPU usage—M264 S2 enables the FastServe | Ingest video server with unprecedented encoding support: eight XAVC Intra Class 100 HD or 1080p ingest channels coupled with eight high-quality proxy channels, which are instantly available for Edit While Capture in Media Composer® and MediaCentral | Cloud UX™. Matrox M264 S2 provides FastServe | Ingest the simplest, most cost-effective means of managing computationally demanding, high-density XAVC requirements for live production workflows.

“The Avid FastServe family is designed to accelerate today’s demanding workflows so broadcasters can get better content to air first, and Matrox M264 hardware codec card has enabled us to do just that with FastServe | Ingest for XAVC implementations,” said Eyal Stessel, Senior Principal Product Manager - Video Servers at Avid Technology. “The M264 card has essentially equipped the FastServe | Ingest server with new superpowers for instant XAVC quality and density boost so editors can quickly and easily access, edit, and share more footage than ever before, ultimately helping production teams deliver the best news stories and live sports coverage possible.”

“Matrox M264 cards have helped make an already accomplished ingest server even more valuable in the Avid FastServe | Ingest platform,” says Alberto Cieri, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing, Matrox Video. “The integration of the M264 cards with FastServe | Ingest is seamless, but more importantly, allows Avid to immediately address the XAVC 1080p gap that broadcasters face, especially for multi-channel workflows. We are thrilled to see our HD and 4K-capable codec cards transform these ingest servers with next-level encode/decode support.”