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New Products for NAB 2009
Posted on Monday, April 20, 2009
New Products for NAB 2009



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HD-3500 Series, HD-SDI/Audio/Data Fiber Optic transport link
The HD-3500 is a 3Gb/sec single-mode fiber optic transport link available in either a modular or frame mounted solution. 
  • Economical solution for fiber optic transport of multi-rate HD-SDI signals ranging from 5Mb/sec to 3.0Gb/sec plus 2 AES or 4 audio, bi-directional data, & 2 return audio over a single fiber.
  • Two models; one supports SMPTE 424M 3G HD-SDI standard or
  • One supports SMPTE 292M 1.485G HD-SDI standard                      
  • Also supports embedded audio & data.
  • Looping inputs, Dual re-clocked & EQ outputs
  • Convenient modules for field applications or frame mount.
  • Battery operation, field applicable.
Delivery: The modular product is shipping in April; the rack mounted card by June 30.
MultiDyne Joins openGear – offers 3Gb multiplexed card set
MultiDyne has joined Ross Video’s openGear platform standard, leading the industry with an open architecture. openGear provides the industry with the most flexible and advanced terminal equipment possible with the opportunity to select product from a wide range of technology leaders, all in one platform under one control system. MultiDyne will offer.
  • 1.5Gb/sec digital video, 4 audio, or 2 AES & bi-directional data
  • 3.0 Gb/sec digital video, 4 audio, or 2 AES & bi-directional video
  • Multirate video from 5Mb/sec up to either 1.5 Gb, or 3.0 Gb depending on card
  • Equalized and reclocked video at SMPTE standards
  • 2RU frame, 10 cards or 20 cards
  • Independent rear modules for connectivity
MultiDyne DVI-6000 Single & Dual Link DVI – over single fiber
The NEW DVI-6000 Series provides an evolutionary fiber optic transport solution for uncompressed high-quality, DVI signals up to WQXGA resolution of 2560 x 1600.
  • Uncompressed DVI Single & Dual Link over ONE fiber
  • Supports up to WQXGA 2560 x 1600
  • Supports Stereo Audio and Data
  • Fully un-compressed, 100% transparent, No Frame Dropping
  • The system provides a pixel-for-pixel image transport
  • 100% 24 Bits for all scan rates with no contouring or bit reduction at high scan rate
  • Shipping NOW!
MultiDyne LiGHTBoX 1430 MC Series
The MultiDyne LiGHTBoX 1430 MC is a field portable transport solution with a Multi-Core connector interfacing directly with the camera and/or the CCU. The MultiDyne LiGHTBoX 1430 MC is designed for field and harsh environment applications, typically mobile production, sports, stadiums, and military, and any field application where battery powered equipment is required.   The LiGHTBoX can be linked via tactical fiber cable to any MultiDyne product. 
·         The LiGHTBoX is fully customizable offering virtually any signal configuration
·         Runs on battery or AC power
·         Optical connectors include Neutrik, Tyco Expanded Beam, TFOCA, ST, SC, LC, or your choice.
·         Can be linked with another LiGHTBoX, or any MultiDyne products.
MultiDyne EOS-