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MultiDyne Announces Partnership for openGear
Posted on Friday, April 17, 2009

Locust Valley, NY – MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems, a leading provider of fiber optic equipment for the transport of video and audio for broadcast & pro A/V applications, announced today their partnership with Ross Video and participation in the openGear terminal equipment platform group.

MultiDyne has developed the HD-3500 Multi-rate 3G HD-SDI fiber optic transceiver circuit card for its first product offering in the openGear platform. “We are excited to be a part of this consortium of vendors,” said Jim Jachetta, SVP of Engineering for MultiDyne. “The diversity of solutions for openGear provides the customer with the best of all worlds in a very dense and well controlled frame.

The MultiDyne HD-3500 multiplexes 3G HD-SDI signals up to 1.5Gb/sec or 3.0Gb/sec plus 4 Audio or 2 AES Audio, and bi-directional data over a single fiber. Providing either a 1080i product, or a 1080p product presents a cost effective choice for the customer, said Bob McAlpine, vice president of global sales and business development. The HD-3500 HD card provides looping, equalized inputs, and reclocked dual outputs plus the openGear, standard 5-year warranty.” We believe it adds certifiable value to applications of the overall system.

The openGear terminal equipment platform is based on an open architecture, 2RU modular frame designed to accommodate up to 10 cards in the DFR-8310 frame and up to 20 cards in the DFR-8320 frame. A wide variety of cards are available from terminal equipment vendors supporting the openGear platform, allowing facilities the freedom and flexibility to choose the best technology for their particular applications.

About MultiDyne:
MultiDyne provides fiber optic transport systems for video, audio, SDI, HD-SDI, 3G HD-SDI, AES, Ethernet, data, PTZ, RGB/VGA, DVI, HDMI, and CATV; optical multiplexing, CWDM; automatic protection switching; loss detectors with automatic switchover; test signal and character ID generators; video, audio and digital distribution amplifiers; cable equalizers; automatic gain AGCs; electrical and fiber optic routing switchers; tactical cable assemblies; XLR adapter panels as well as other television accessories. MultiDyne has been serving the broadcast, cable, satellite, production, digital cinema, pro AV, corporate, retail, surveillance, teleconferencing, judicial arraignment, transportation, government and healthcare sectors for over 30 years. For more information, call MultiDyne at 1-800-488-8378 or 1-516-671-7278, visit our Web site at, or send an email to

About openGear:
openGear is an open-architecture, modular frame system designed by Ross Video and supported by a diverse range of terminal equipment manufacturers. The platform offers clients the freedom to choose technology from a wide range of products to meet the needs of a broadcast, production, or distribution facility while maintaining a compatible openGear frame infrastructure. The Ross Dashboard Remote Control and Monitoring System and companion SNMP plug-in enables unified control over all openGear cards in a system as well as for openGear to tie in with 3rd party SNMP based systems. The openGear modules offered by Ross include a broad selection of audio and video products for distribution, analog conversion, Up/Down/X format conversion, fiber, switching, keying and synchronization, as well as backward compatibility with a suite of solutions from the RossGear 8000 series.

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