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MultiDyne Helps Casino Create Visual Oasis
Posted on Wednesday, October 7, 2009
MultiDyne Helps Casino Create Visual Oasis

When you step into any of the Peppermill Casino's gaming areas, either here or at our Reno, Nev. location, you'll enter a fantasy world of stunning architecture, HD video and sizzling action. All of our properties place a major emphasis on creating the most exciting and luxurious atmosphere for our guests. That's why, when I was tasked with complementing our casino design with a world-class video and entertainment system, I needed a video transport solution that could continue the standard of excellence we demand as a company.

Peppermill Casino has always been on the cutting edge of video production, and all of our video is produced in house and distributed in high-definition. Ambience is incredibly important in our business, and our unique displays highlight video art throughout our properties.


In 2007, we decided that it was time to come up with a new way to distribute video content to our properties from one central location. That year, our media library increased to more than two terabytes. An added challenge was that three of our properties are about half a mile away from our central video location. It quickly became clear that the only way to transport video over this distance was via a fiber optic system.

We also needed a video transport system that could seamlessly route HD video without transmission or display errors.

MultiDyne's HD-1500 SDI and HD-SDI fiber optic link was the key to meeting these requirements. Hands-down, they beat out any competition in providing us with the best solution in a small package, and their products have proven to be highly reliable.

When I began my planning for the project, there were only a few companies that had fiber systems for transferring HD video over the distance involved. After meeting with MultiDyne, they assured me that there was no challenge in distributing our 16 HD-SDI streams to all of our Wendover properties, as well as moving video from one side of our Reno property to the other.

During the selection and testing process, a critical concern was in avoiding degradation of our high-resolution video during transport. The HD-1500 certainly passed this and all of the tests. Our displays give guests the feeling that they have walked into a new visual oasis, heightening the feeling of excitement in our gaming areas.

Today, the HD-1500 system continues to serve as a crucial component in our highly proprietary and customized equipment configuration. It is used to transport both video and embedded audio. The HD-1500 works flawlessly and has been used 24 hours a day, seven days a week for two years now with absolutely no failures.

As this level of broadcast quality distribution is very unusual for a casino, it was important to work with a manufacturer who had solid experience in broadcast video, and also understood gaming facilities. MultiDyne's very professional customer service and attention to our needs provided the comfort level needed to purchase these new products, and I've continued to rely on MultiDyne for these services over the years.

Aaron Lines is a project manager with Peppermill Casinos. He may be contacted at

For additional information, contact MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems at 877-685-8439 or visit