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the ibc daily - Breaking the constraints of transport
Posted on Friday, October 9, 2009
Increased demand for 1080p HD video requires an innovation in fibre optic video transport tools contends Jim Jachetta, senior vice president of engineering and product development, MultiDyne
Senior Vice President of Engineering and Product Development
With the pressure to deliver content in high definition, the world of video transport is dramatically changing. From a broadcast engineer picking out equipment that will save the most time and space in a studio, to a consumer watching a soccer game at home - everyone wants more out of video. Due to this demand, we are seeing the convergence of different video transport methods across industries. High resolution standards that were previously pigeon-holed as “broadcast-only” are now becoming more widely used in every install. We are dealing with a more educated client who is interested in 1080p HD video at home and at work. Manufacturers in this space need to speed up innovation and the range of the solutions they offer in order to give users added value when it comes to HD.
In the past, designers have made a choice early on in system configuration, catering to either a pro A/V, DVI standard as the main backbone to a solution, or a 3G SMPTE broadcast standard. Now, due to customer demand, we are developing tools that have fiber optic video transport capabilities over both standards depending on the application. One such offering, the DVI-6000, which we will be showcasing at IBC 2009, offers breakthroughs in DVI and RGB over a SMPTE compliant 3G data transport.
MultiDyne has been contracted to work on a major hospitality project in Las Vegas which exemplifies the demand for solutions that address both broadcast and pro A/V requirements. Within the 67 acre city-within-a-city campus, there are retail facilities, a condo hotel, casino resort and 300,000 square feet of technologically advanced meeting and convention space. The entire campus features a fiber optic video backbone capable of 1080p 3G HD-SDI transport. The facility is capable of broadcasting live events from any of the meeting rooms or theaters to a broadcast production truck outside, and the convention center features high-tech screens, projectors and digital signage that require a DVI signal. This multi-acre campus is a banner example of how innovations in fiber optic technology must and can be used across many different applications, formats and resolutions due to the new flexibility in fiber optic gear and optical routing switchers. The MultiDyne EOS-4000 switcher is another perfect example of this − as it switches in the light domain, it is able to effortlessly transition between 3G SMPTE and DVI, allowing the user to transport any signal they require.
Fiber optic video transport solutions only continue to be more reliable than competing options. We are actively breaking the constraints of video transport over copper, allowing customers to route and send video further over a single fiber. Fiber optic solutions also allow users to “future proof” their design, with bandwidth potential for innovation over 10G. When designing a complex system using copper, all cabling has to be perfect. If a user squeaked by using copper for 3G, they will be inoperable when the “next big thing” comes along.
It is important to note that MultiDyne’s path to innovation does not end with the advancements made for video transport using the DVI-6000. We are actively designing products that will take advantage of 6G technology, leading to 10G capability. The convergence of video transport demands over several markets also continues to drive us forward. For MultiDyne, the key to not only surviving but thriving in the economic downturn has been to diversify across the broadcast, pro A/V, military and government markets. Our DVI-6000, which can be used across all of these sectors, is in line with this strategy. As IBC is one of our most important shows every year – not only to reach the European market but to meet with U.S. customers, integrators and consultants as well – we’re excited to spend time with our customers, continuing to introduce them to our products which break boundaries when it comes to DVI and 3G HD-SDI video transport.