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Posted on Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fiber Link Designed for Transport of DVI-I, RGB-HV and Component over ONE Fiber

NEW YORK, OCTOBER 14, 2009 – MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems, a premier provider of fiber optic-based video and audio transport and routing solutions for broadcast and pro A/V applications, is bringing its breakthrough DVI-6000 3G data transport solution to HD World 2009 (Booth 942). Now shipping worldwide, the DVI-6000 is designed for the transport of DVI-I, RGB-HV and DVI-D over ONE fiber and is a vital transport building block for any pro A/V or broadcast fiber optic installation.

A key breakthrough for the DVI-6000 lies in its ability to offer SMPTE compliant data transport, converting all formats into a SMPTE compliant 3G optical and electrical transport stream. This 3G data stream can be distributed through any standard 3G HD/SDI routing switcher – a major benefit for operators who require extreme versatility and equipment interoperability. The DVI-6000 also enables cross conversion from RGB, DVI and VGA to a 3G HD-SDI transport, with loop-through DVI-I inputs and dual DVI-I outputs featuring a throughput bandwidth of 3.75 Gbps for non-SMPTE or 2.97 Gbps for SMPTE.

MultiDyne - DVI-6000

Ideally suited for sending high-quality, high-resolution digital video, this cutting-edge product addresses the need for solutions with the advanced technology to allow high-resolution image transfer over longer distances. With an impressive operating distance of up to 40KM, the DVI-6000 gives users the freedom of moving a monitor away from a video source. It also easily connects video walls and control rooms with remote video processing equipment while continuing to maintain the highest video quality. Offering true DVI-I signal transport, the product’s unique transcoding capability gives broadcasters the freedom to cross convert signals, allowing an RGB input and DVI output or a DVI input with RGB output.

 The DVI-6000 also maximizes visual quality, with no frame dropping up to WUXGA 1920 x 1200. For resolutions above 1920 x 1200, an adaptive bandwidth reduction is applied, with blend of color space compression and frame dropping. An intuitive and adaptive algorithm immediately detects high and low motion content and adapts accordingly.

Intended for quick and easy installation, the DVI-6000 is compatible with any SMPTE compliant HD/HD-SDI 3G optical device when operating in the 3G SMPTE mode, including the MultiDyne HD-3000. An added benefit includes high-quality distribution through a standard 3Gb/s router, including the MultiDyne EOS-4000 Series Electro-Optical Routing Switcher. Perfect for users with multiple monitor resolutions and a routing switcher, applications for the DVI-6000 span a wide variety of pro A/V and broadcast uses, with customers using the solution for video walls in broadcast and industrial control rooms, commodity and stock exchanges, medical and MRI displays, advertising and signs, digital cinema, sporting and concert video displays, air traffic control and military information displays. This solution also emits no EMI for medical and airborne applications and provides a secure transport conduit for military command and control facilities.