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Panasonic Demonstrates Compatibility of 360-Degree Camera with Haivision Encoding, LiveScale Distribution for Ultimate 360 Live Workflow
Posted on Monday, April 9, 2018

Here at NAB, Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America (PSSNA) is presenting a demonstration of broadcast-grade, 360-degree/VR end-to-end live streaming that combines the company's low latency 360-degree Live Camera along with Haivision’s KB Max portable 4K en-coder and LiveScale’s omnicast cloud distribution platform.

This total end-to-end solution comprises Panasonic's 360-degree Live Camera (AW-360C10, AW-360B10) capturing 360 video in a 4K equirectangular format, the Haivision KB Max internet media encoder, and the LiveScale omnicast cloud platform, making the video distributable to various out-lets. Ideal for live events and sports, this collaboration enables broadcasters and producers to stream reliable, high-quality 360-degree experiences to online audiences.

Haivision’s KB Max encoder features software and hardware accelerated support for both HEVC/H.265 and H.264 encoding at up to 4K (2160p60) resolution. The Panasonic system stitch-es together its four 12.76 megapixel cameras in real-time and delivers the 2:1 equirectangular 360 output as 4K (3840 x 2160) to the KB Max encoder. The KB encoder then delivers the com-pressed video over HLS, MPEG-DASH, or Haivision’s open standard SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol through a CDN to 360 players. The LiveScale platform accepts 4K H.264 and HEVC video over SRT and allows content creators to reach the broadest-possible audiences with optimized video quality delivered to any outlet (broadcast, web, social media), and with improved ROI for live content distribution. LiveScale automates live publishing and uses its multi-cloud tech-nology giving users greater flexibility for quality of service, reliability, and global network coverage.

“In live broadcast, failure is not an option. We designed the AW-360C10 and AW-360B10 to exceed the demands of professional live event video producers and offer a reliable live 360-degree video in a simple easy to use broadcasting solution,” said Delix Alex, Product Manager, PSSNA. “Haivision’s KB Max portable 4K encoder and LiveScale’s cloud platform are essential pieces of the live streaming workflow with SRT compatibility for reliable and scalable streaming of 360 con-tent over the internet.”

“Innovations such as the new Panasonic 360-degree Live Camera continue to fuel audience needs for immersive viewing experiences,” said Sylvio Jelovcich, VP Global Alliances, Haivision. “Collaboration with Panasonic helps all types of broadcasters – from traditional broadcasters to live event producers and even corporate streamers – deliver rich and reliable 360-degree experi-ences to viewers anywhere.”

“We are excited to showcase our LiveScale platform for the first time ever at NAB, including this groundbreaking demonstration,” says Virgile Ollivier, co-founder and CEO, LiveScale Technologies Inc. “We’ll show how LiveScale’s omnicast cloud distribution, working in tandem with the Panasonic 360 camera and Haivision KB Max encoder, can deliver a pristine, live-VR experience to any audi-ence on any platform, including OTT services and social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Per-iscope, and YouTube.”

Haivision’s KB series of internet media encoders provides multiple options for live event streaming, helping deliver the highest quality live video to global Internet audiences. KB encoders are available as small form factor portable appliances or server configurations for HD or 4K streaming.

With its unique cloud-native approach, LiveScale replaces complex and costly live-streaming workflows that require separate encoders for every content delivery outlet and individual metadata management tools for every social media platform. Instead, with LiveScale, the video only needs to be encoded once before it is uploaded into the cloud platform, which automates all processing, scheduling, publishing, and streaming to broadcast, web, mobile, and social media outlets.  In only two minutes, LiveScale users can create a dedicated, end-to-end live video workflow including re-al-time analytics, and without requiring any specialized technologies or skills.

Get a live demo at NAB in Panasonic’s booth C3607.

Model: AW-360C10GJ