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Panasonic Named Official Technology Partner of Illuminarium Experiences
Posted on Monday, January 11, 2021
Panasonic Named Official Technology Partner of Illuminarium Experiences

Collaboration aims to reimagine immersive entertainment with cutting-edge technology to bring experiences to life

NEWARK, N.J., At CES 2021, Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America, Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America ("Panasonic") announced today it is an Official Technology Partner of Illuminarium Experiences, a new experiential entertainment brand that creates immersive entertainment spectacles presented in custom-designed venues called "Illuminariums." In this role, Panasonic will be the exclusive visual solution provider of native 4k projectors, 4k professional displays and 4k professional camera solutions for Illuminarium’s 360-degree immersive experiential entertainment centers that will provide visitors with communal, connective entertainment meant to be enjoyed as a shared human experience.

"We’re excited to partner with Illuminarium whose mission to expand communal access to amazing, but typically out-of-reach places and experiences is truly awe-inspiring," said Joe Conover, Manager of Panasonic Live Events Group. "Following what has been a challenging year for the entertainment industry, we believe there will soon be extraordinary opportunities for innovators in experiential entertainment, like Illuminarium, to transport and inspire audiences through compelling storytelling."

Illuminarium Experiences will open its first three 30,000 square foot venues in Atlanta, Miami and Las Vegas, to be followed by other domestic and international locations. Illuminarium expects to have 25 to 30 Illuminarium venues open in the world’s great megacities and mega tourism locations within the next five years.

Illuminarium’s first spectacle is WILD: The World’s First Virtual Safari. Opening in Atlanta in mid-2021, this interactive spectacle will showcase the beauty and splendor of the world’s most exotic animals in their natural habitats. With the power of Panasonic’s advanced large venue native 4K laser projection technology, the Panasonic PT-RQ50k with 50,000 lm brightness, 4K resolution and vivid color, visitors will be transported to Africa where they will go on a journey throughout different environments and habitats. The Panasonic partnership also includes the manufacturing of a unique lens for Illuminarium to produce an enhanced immersive experience. Panasonic’s engineers collaborated to create for Illuminarium an ultra-short throw lens with minimal offset and loss of light. With this advanced Panasonic technology, Illuminarium will truly be a visual guest experience never before realized.

Adjacent to its venue in Atlanta, Illuminarium is building a state-of-the art R&D and post-production center called The Illuminarium Lab. The Lab will serve as an ongoing center of research and development in immersive entertainment and interactive technologies, in collaboration with key Illuminarium technical partners, including Panasonic, Holoplot and Disguise.

"Illuminarium spectacles will transport visitors through an unprecedented combination of total sensory immersion, larger than life scale, and theatrical inspiration that would not be possible without the groundbreaking, best-in-class technology from our valued partners like Panasonic," said Alan Greenberg, CEO, Illuminarium Experiences. "At Illuminarium, we’re proud to be democratizing the world’s most amazing places, people and experiences through highly engaging, socially conscious and educational immersive digital spectacles."