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Panasonic Announces Agile I/O Feature for KAIROS Platform to Enhance Live Productions
Posted on Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Panasonic Announces Agile I/O Feature for KAIROS Platform to Enhance Live Productions

Panasonic hosting virtual event on November 4 to address future of video switching and processing, and demonstrate new capabilities and use cases for KAIROS

October 12, 2021 - Newark, NJ – Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America (Panasonic) today announced the development of Agile I/O, a new feature to its KAIROS IT/IP video processing platform to provide AV professionals with additional input and output capacity to create larger and more complex productions. Available in early 2022 as a free upgrade, the feature expands the platform's capacity, unlocking more ways to enhance live productions with the same hardware.

Equipping customers with the power to bring unconstrained creativity to life, Panasonic provides a tailored solution with KAIROS that fully and seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure and future technology to push the boundaries for immersive experiences. The new software upgrade will allow KAIROS to more efficiently utilize the 100Gb ST 2110 network and other KAIROS Core inputs and outputs by better management of network bandwidth. This can provide users with additional sources for HD and 4K content and access to more connected sources in the multi-view.

"Whether it's a three-camera production operated by a novice or an international media event crafted by an A-list technical director, today's AV projects demand an all-purpose, easy-to-use live platform that's flexible and easily integrates sources from anywhere, in any format, on any screen without rigid hardware constraints," said Mike Bergeron, senior category manager, production systems, Panasonic. "KAIROS and the new Agile I/O function are testaments to Panasonic's commitment to becoming a true partner for production professionals operating at all levels. The future-proof system is designed to work with legacy solutions to capitalize on previous AV investments, and scale as needed to support technologies not yet imagined, all while enabling professionals to create memorable live productions for both live and remote audiences."

The KAIROS next generation live production platform enables AV professionals to flexibly scale up-and-down deployments for any level of need or complexity by supporting seamless broadcasting on numerous devices and feeds, in any source, format, scale, screen and mix, aiming at no loss of quality. More than a switcher, the platform can also perform routing and screen management functions. With multiple screen layouts built through one simple interface, KAIROS helps AV professionals elevate experiences for both live and virtual productions.

Ideal for AV consultants, designers and integrators, KAIROS offers a future-proofed, customizable solution that supports any type of live production scenario for markets such as house of worship and corporate. For churches, KAIROS elevates worship services by managing multiple displays and screens that show various views of the service to captivate both in-person and remote congregants alike. For corporate environments, KAIROS ensures natural real-time conversation during employee annual meetings with a remarkable one-frame latency on premises by enabling AV source connections and screens across multiple meeting rooms, locations and even home offices.

Panasonic offers a variety of audio and visual solutions and services, including studio cameras, projectors, video walls, displays, microphones and engineering services that integrate with and support KAIROS to provide a holistic solution for AV professionals.

On November 4 at 1:00 pm ET, Panasonic is hosting a virtual event, "The Future of Video Switching & Processing," which will explore the unique benefits of KAIROS, and preview the new Agile I/O software. To register for the event, visit: