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Epiphan & Panopto Integration for Lecture Capture
Posted on Thursday, September 17, 2020
Epiphan & Panopto Integration for Lecture Capture

Sept. 17, 2020 - In this video, we will take a look at integrating PTZOptics cameras with the lecture capture recorder from Epiphan called Pearl 2. We will also look at the Pearl Mini, which is a more affordable option available for lecture capture which can also be integrated into Panopto and PTZOptics cameras. For many installations, it is nice to simplify video capture with a lecture capture recorder like the Epiphan Pearl which can automatically publish and manage video securely in Panopto. For this example, we can connect our PTZOptics camera connected to the Epiphan Pearl via SDI and our presentation laptop via HDMI. But it’s also worth noting that the Epiphan Pearl does support NDI and will work with the PTZOptics NDI camera models. 

Using the Epiphan Pearl with Panopto

To get started let’s turn on our Epiphan Pearl. The Pearl can be used for local recordings, live streaming, and multi-camera switching. All Epiphan Pearl models include seamless integration with Panopto allowing you to schedule recorded events, webcasts as well as ad-hoc events. For scheduled events, these can be set up through your Panopto account. The Pearl unit will stay synchronized with all of your events and show them to you on the touch screen or the Web UI. When you have an event about to start you will see a countdown timer and preview of your video. If you want to start early you can simply click the start event button and you are off. 

Lecture Capture System

Epiphan Pearl encoders make it easy to capture multiple simultaneous HD video feeds. With Panopto, those feeds are automatically synchronized for viewing in Panopto’s unique interactive video player, providing your audience with the highest quality multi-camera playback experience. 

PTZOptics cameras make it easy to zoom into exactly what you want to record in the video. For example, you can zoom into a white board space, and even call camera presets to zoom into specific areas of interest. If you have multiple cameras, you can show them in a picture in picture layout using the Epiphan Pearl’s layout options, or use multiple cameras with multiple angles to create a more engaging video. In this example, you can see the camera one has two views and camera two has two views. If you set up PTZ camera presets for each camera, it looks like you have a 4 camera setup using only two cameras. 

Together, Epiphan, Panopto, and PTZOptics create a perfect setup for lecture capture systems with exceptional video quality and user experiences. 

by Paul Richards