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The PTZOptics Team Will See You at NAB 2022!
Posted on Monday, March 21, 2022
The PTZOptics Team Will See You at NAB 2022!

March 21, 2022 - PTZOptics is looking forward to seeing you in person at this year's NAB! The show will be April 23-27, 2022 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. You can find us at booth N738 in the North Hall and Central Lobby area.

So, what can you expect to see this year at NAB? Here's a quick overview of some things we're looking forward to sharing with you.

Back to the Trade Show Floor

It goes without saying—we miss meeting with our friends and partners at in-person events. That's why this year's NAB will be extra special, as our first transition back into trade shows since the start of the pandemic. This year, however, we're taking more of a hybrid approach.

Not only will our team be available for meetings, Q&A sessions, and product demonstrations, we will also be offering ways to connect for those who are not ready or able to return. Thanks to live streaming, we'll be able to engage with remote and in-person audiences simultaneously. We'll even be featuring virtual and in-person giveaways, with the winners drawn during the live stream to give everyone a fair chance to win.

Live Stream Technology

How exactly will we be streaming from the show floor? Good question. This year we have some new tech we're taking for a spin on the show floor. The LiveU LU600 field unit is a cellular bonding solution that will allow us to transmit broadcast-quality live video over 5G, no WiFi or internet connection required. This portable system comes in a backpack, which will be worn by our producer. We'll be attaching a Sony Action Cam with an incredibly small form-factor and high-quality image stabilization, as well as a handheld mic for the talent.

We'll also be using Restream to stream to our YouTube channel. Restream is also a great solution for streaming to multiple channels simultaneously while on the go. Our team loves the fact that the chat features of each platform are integrated, so comments and questions can be monitored for optimal engagement.


The newest addition to our joystick camera controller collection, the PTZOptics SuperJoy, was released in 2021, and quickly became one of our most decorated products. In just one year, the SuperJoy received three awards, including the SCN Installation Product Award.

The SuperJoy offers simultaneous network and serial joystick camera control for even the most complex setups, yet accommodating varying skill levels. This unique solution to your production needs will be available to check out at our NAB booth.

SimplTrack Lite

As many of you know, our sister brand HuddleCamHD released a new auto-tracking camera this year. The SimplTrack Lite provides users with a true plug-and-play experience—simply connect the camera and start auto-tracking right away. This is the perfect solution for conferences or lecture halls, where framing the subject is extremely important to the content. With no need for a camera operator, the SimplTrack Lite is ideal for non-technical users. And, with a range of output options that includes NDI®|HX, USB 2.0, and SDI, it can integrate easily into any setup.

The SimplTrack Lite will be available to demo at our NAB booth, an opportunity you won't want to miss. Check it out at the NDI® Pavilion, too, where you can learn more about how it integrates with any NDI® production workflow.


The year 2022 brought about another change at PTZOptics—the acquisition of TallyLights. TallyLights is a high-quality brand of on-air indicator systems that help keep talent and production in sync.

A TallyLights indicator system includes two parts: emitters and controllers. Emitters have front-facing LED lights to alert talent which camera is live, and a back-facing LED light to alert the camera operator of the camera's status, shining green in preview mode and red when the camera is on air. The system also comes with a controller to link each tally light to your production system.

Although these products are not on the market yet, you can check out TallyLights in person at our NAB booth. Our team is happy to answer questions about how these lights can change the game when it comes to your next multi-camera, broadcast production.