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PTZOptics Move 20X Test Footage
Posted on Sunday, November 20, 2022
PTZOptics Move 20X Test Footage

Nov. 20, 2022 - PTZOptics is excited to introduce our new 4K PTZ cameras. The PTZOptics Move 4K camera is perfect for any video production that requires 4K resolution. The new 4K PTZ camera provides 4 times the resolution of 1080p HD, making it ideal for any application that requires high-quality video. The Move 4K 20X camera also features a wide field of view and a fast frame rate (up to 60fps), making it perfect for capturing fast-moving objects. The new Move 4K cameras are also backed by PTZOptics’ industry-leading 5-year warranty. To see the new 4K PTZ 20X camera in action, check out the test footage above.

The camera is able to auto-track and focus on any person you choose in frame. By auto-tracking, the camera is always focused on the target and keeping it in the frame. The person tracking selection feature of the camera is also very handy. As long as the person is within the field of view, the camera will keep them in focus and in frame even when other people are in the same scene. This is especially useful for video presentations and lecture capture applications. Overall, the camera’s ability to move and track objects with precision is very impressive.

A 20X optical zoom lens is a great asset for any video production. It allows you to get close to your subject while still being able to frame the shot properly. This can be especially useful when following a presenter on stage or framing a specific video angle from a distance. In addition, a 20X lens can help you to capture detail that would be otherwise impossible to see with the naked eye. Whether you’re trying to capture the detail in a stain-glassed window or written details on a whiteboard, a 20X lens gives you the power to get up close and magnify small details. Even if you don’t plan on using the full extent of the zoom, having that extra reach can be helpful in getting the perfect shot. So if you’re looking for a versatile lens that can help you take your video production to the next level, consider investing in a 20X optical zoom lens.

The PTZOptics 20X move test footage showcases the camera’s ability to smoothly track and follow presenters with precision. The benefits of having a 20X optical zoom lens are clear in the video, as well as the importance of using PTZ cameras for live streaming and video production applications. If you have any questions about how PTZ cameras can benefit your business or organization, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to discuss our products and solutions with you.