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Sharp NEC Display Solutions Introduces Two New M Series Projectors
Posted on Wednesday, September 1, 2021
Sharp NEC Display Solutions Introduces Two New M Series Projectors

Ideal for K-12 classrooms, the low-cost M430WL and M380HL projectors feature lamp-free operation up to 30,000 hours

Sept. 1, 2021 - Sharp NEC Display Solutions, a global leader in the projector and display market, today announced the availability of two new M Series projectors, the M430WL and the M380HL. Designed for classroom settings, the M Series projectors provide essential features, maintenance-free operation, and flexible placement options, alongside Sharp/NEC’s industry-leading five-year warranty.

"With the introduction of our M Series projectors for K-12 education applications, we now offer lamp-free projectors for all market segments. These new models complete our line of laser projectors marking an impressive milestone for Sharp/NEC," said Ryan Pitterle, Senior Product Manager, Sharp NEC Display Solutions. "We are proud to now provide options in every projector category we sell from standard to ultra-short throw, to entry installation to installation."

The new M Series projectors equip classroom users with entry-level projectors that use DLP technology, offering an alternative to the LCD projectors in Sharp/NEC’s classroom category. With DLP projection, users benefit from a low total cost of ownership with lamp-free and filter-free laser performance. The maintenance-free projectors have an increased operation time of up to 30,000 hours, while the DLP sealed system keeps the dust out. Featuring WXGA and 1080p native resolutions and brightness up to 4300 lumens, images are easy to see anywhere in the classroom.

Both the M430WL and M380HL encompass advanced installation features including a 1.6x Zoom Ratio and vertical lens shift, allowing for flexible installation in any classroom. Whether the projector is being installed in an existing mounting location, or an entirely new installation, NEC’s M Series lens allows for a greater range of placement options. This is especially beneficial when there are obstructions in the ceiling or when attempting to utilize existing screens, mounts, and cable runs. Further, the new projectors support specialty applications with extended 24/7 use, tilt-free operation and portrait mode capabilities.