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Sharp/NEC Launches New 7,100 and 8,000 Lumens Professional Installation LCD Projectors
Posted on Wednesday, March 1, 2023
Sharp/NEC Launches New 7,100 and 8,000 Lumens Professional Installation LCD Projectors

Interchangeable lenses enable incredible flexibility for large venue and auditorium installations.

March 1, 2023 - Sharp NEC Display Solutions, a global leader in the projector and display markets, today announced the newest additions to its impressive professional installation laser projector lineup with the 7,100 lumens PV710UL and the 8,000 lumens PV800UL.

The PV series is designed for higher education classrooms/lecture halls, museums, rental and staging, houses of worship, corporate conference rooms and more. Its LCD technology provides very bright, detailed images with maximum color at a lower price point. Engineered with flexibility in mind, the PV series has the industry's smallest form factor and features the ability to change lenses to best match the specific needs of a space.

"This is the most compact laser projector with interchangeable lenses in the 7,000+ lumens category," said Richard McPherson, Sr. Product Manager at Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. "For example, interchangeable lenses allow the projector to be placed anywhere between 6.7ft and 70ft away for a 120-inch diagonal screen.  Also, its laser light source has a minimum lifespan of 20,000 hours, which provides peace of mind and justification as a direct replacement for previous generation lamp-based model. Furthermore, it is very quiet and easy to replace or upgrade from older installs without hassles or high costs. At only 31 decibels, its operating sound would hardly be noticed in the quietest of libraries."

Installation is made easier with multiple digital inputs, including dual HDMI and an HDBaseT input (which simplifies installation by carrying audio, video and control over a single CAT6 cable). The units use bayonet style lenses which are important for rental and staging applications, and installation flexibility is enhanced with motorized zoom, focus and lens shift with lens memory. Customers using the NP11FL, NP12ZL, NP13ZL, NP4ZL, NP15ZL manual lenses with previous generation NP/PA Series projectors, can continue using those lenses with the new projectors. The PV710UL ships with a NP13ZL lens, which has a zoom ratio of 2.0 and throw ratio of 1.46-2.95:1. This large zoom ratio makes replacement installations easier and cost-effective, given the ability to use existing mount locations, cable runs and power.

The PV710UL and PV800UL are backed by Sharp/NEC's industry-leading five-year warranty, which includes InstaCare, Sharp/NEC's replacement program. Also included are ProAssist™, NaViSet Administrator, Virtual Remote Tool, and HTTP server support. To learn more about the PV710UL and the PV800UL, visit