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QVidium – Pioneer in IP Video Transport and Error Correction [Webinar Recording]
Posted on Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Internet Video Problem:

  • The Internet was never designed for Video
  • "Best-Effort" Transport Only
  • No Prioritization
  • Routers Drop Packets to Alleve Congestion
  • Dynamic Load Balancing Reorders Packets

Traffic is either UDP or TCP

  • UDP Transport is Real-Time, but Lossy
  • No Inherent Packet Recovery
  • No Guarantees on Packet Order
  • TCP Uses Positive Acknowledgement Packet Recovery
  • Not Real-time: Pauses for Unrecoverable Packets
  • Max Bitrate Limited by Distance & Node Hops


The Internet Video Solution: ARQ – Automatic Repeat Request

  • Automatic Repeat reQuest
  • Feedback Requests Resending Lost Packets
  • Receiver Delay to Allow Time for Recovery
  • Add Receiver Buffer to Create Delay
  • More Resilience ? Larger Buffer
  • Lower Latency ? Smaller Buffer
  • Capable of 100% Recovery
  • Capable of Full Recovery with Large Loss %
  • Zero Overhead on a Clean (Lossless) Network