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X2O Media's Xpresenter(TM) Xe Dynamic DS Platform Powers Age.Net at Parkway Senior Center in New York
Posted on Thursday, April 21, 2011

Unique Digital Signage Network Utilizes Cutting-Edge Technology to Engage Seniors and Provide Them With Important Educational Information

MONTREAL -- April 21, 2011 -- X2O Media, a full-service provider of software, network management, and content services for professional digital signage applications, today announced that its Xpresenter(TM) Xe Dynamic DS digital signage solution is powering the Age.Net senior health and wellness digital delivery system at the Parkway Senior Center in Utica, New York, part of the Oneida County Office for Aging & Continuing Care. With Xpresenter Xe, Age.Net is able to provide important information on nutrition, chronic disease self-management, health care planning, and much more to seniors. The solution also keeps seniors up to date with real-time weather and news tickers.

Installed by VIZIONefx, a New York based provider of digital communications and content delivery systems, Age.Net provides visitors to the Parkway Senior Center with a specialized channel for important educational content. Currently, Xpresenter Xe is powering one screen in the center's main gathering area, with plans to incorporate screens in all lounges, facility-wide. The Parkway Senior Center, part of the Parkway Community Center for all ages, is a pilot site for what will be a digital signage network that spans several senior centers, daybreak facilities, and Office for Aging & Continuing Care senior community outreach locations. This will allow sites to share information easily, providing significant cost savings while engaging seniors through a centralized platform.

"For the Office for Aging & Continuing Care, flexibility in content scheduling was a major requirement for Age.Net. Too much information on the screen at one time can be overwhelming to senior viewers, so they needed a digital signage solution that made it simple to segment content," said Matt Oswalt, President of VIZIONefx. "We chose the Xpresenter Xe Dynamic DS solution because it provides this flexibility with robust scheduling features, making it very easy to schedule content so that it is conveyed and received in the right way, allowing it to resonate fully with seniors. Currently, we are managing content, but it will ultimately be a shared responsibility, with the Office for Aging & Continuing Care uploading content through X2O's easy-to-use Web portal."

"Age.Net is a unique project that utilizes cutting-edge digital signage technology to engage seniors. The system went live on Feb. 25, and the response has been overwhelming. In a short time, it already is proving to be a fun and important resource for seniors that they are very excited about," said Dr. Kathleen Bishop, Consultant on Aging for the Oneida County Office for Aging & Continuing Care. "The system will only grow more valuable with time as the network expands and also incorporates inter-generational and cross-network connections for a focus on lifespan aging. We are very excited to work with VIZIONefx and X2O Media to bring its benefits to people of all ages across the county."

Available in three cost-effective versions, Xpresenter Xe is a professional digital signage system for users who don't require the full range of features found in X2O Media's enterprise Xpresenter digital signage platform. Powered by X2O's exceptional graphics-rendering technology, the Dynamic DS edition displays high-resolution videos and images, 3D animated logos, crawling tickers with real-time news and weather, and real-time alerts for emergencies or other announcements. Any day-to-day updates to the on-screen content can be made quickly and easily via a Web-based control screen.

More information about Xpresenter Xe and other digital signage solutions from X2O Media is available at   

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